Proposed Site

The Solar Farm would be located approximately 14km south-east of Armidale. The total area of the site is approximately 1,048 hectares. The Solar Farm is located north and south of Gara Road, just west of the intersection with Silverton Road. Silverton Road runs south from Waterfall Way which connects Armidale to the coast.

Timeline and Lifespan

It is planned for construction to commence in late 2023 and would be completed during 2025 subject to the appropriate approvals. Construction of solar power farms is a fairly quick process, with minimal excavation and noisy work involved. For this Solar Farm, we will need to excavate cable trenches and secure the mounting system into the ground. Once this is completed, panels are placed onto the mounting systems and are connected.

Although this Project has been designed with a lifespan of 30 years, it is expected the Solar Farm can produce energy for several more decades. We intend to operate the Oxley Solar Farm for at least 30 years. Once this Project life has been reached, we may explore replacing the equipment with newer technologies.